Sunday, July 31, 2011

PC repaired + New Section (SOTD)?

My PC has been repaired! Yay!
I brought it to a computer store and the guy told me it was the mainboard. But due to the board being old and outdated if I wanted my PC to work again he'd replace it with a new one which would mean he'd also sell me a new processor. Then he said it's advisable to buy a completely new one. At this moment my only thought was: What the flying f**k?! I don't even play that much anymore and if I do it is UT and for that my PC is enough.
So I told him I'll think about it, gave him his 20€, took the PC with me and went to the Computer store on the opposite side of the street. He replaced my MSI G31M2 mainboard with an ASUS P5QPL-AM, which happens to have the same chipset, took an hour to dust all my gear and replace the mainboard, tested it, took no working fee (!), even gave me a new cooler for almost nothing and was done. 57€!
Next time I know where to go first.
Now it's all up and working again. And it's a lot less noisy!

So now I am able to work on my frag movie... maybe. I have my theoretical driving test tomorrow and driving lessons every day the next week. If all works out I have my driving license the monday after tomorrow!

That all said, I want to ask for your feedback:
I'm planning on adding a "Song of the day" section on the end of every upcoming post. Good idea or not? It would look like this:


Today's song of the day is a song that I knew for a few months now. It is a mindblowing and beautifully haunting piece of music that has really touched my heart. The description of the song says it all (I corrected it a bit ;)):
"Embracing Solitude is an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. Seven minutes of just you and your thoughts. A track that has no lyrics but still speaks a thousand words. I really cannot say enough about this track, it's just a devastating combination of pure harmony and powerful emotion that gets me every time. I could go on for hours talking about this track. JCB has genuinely created a masterpiece in Drum and Bass."

Please let me know what you think of this new section. Good idea or redundant?

Friday, July 29, 2011

New Unreal (Tournament) to come?

According to an article I read yesterday, Epic's president Mike Capps admitted they have neglected the Unreal Series:
"It's been a long time since we shipped an Unreal game, and it's an awfully loved franchise that we hold pretty dear here. We haven't been giving it the attention it deserves because we've been focusing on Gears of War and we're still a relatively small company."

"At some point you wonder why we don't rename the engine the Gears Engine or something," he joked.
Although a concrete affirmation for a new Unreal (Tournament) part hasn't been given yet, this makes an Unreal fan's heart quite happy. I personally would prefer a UT4 over the next Unreal part number 3.
"We've been sort of focused on making new properties, which you've seen with Shadow Complex, Bulletstorm and Infinity Blade, but sometimes I think just as a businessman that maybe we should be spending some more time with our existing franchises."
The only thing worrying me is that back in 2009, Tim Sweeney, who happens to be CEO of Epic Games, said, Unreal Tournament 4 is "several years away". It won't be out before Gears of War 3 (to come September this year), that's for sure. And when GoW 3 is out, who knows, maybe they just start working on GoW 4, since it's a steady revenue source. However, GoW 3 does complete the current story arc. Wouldn't that be a good chance to focus their energy on a new Unreal? I have faith.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Expansion + Around-the-corner kill

I use this chance to tell you that I've signed up on a whole lot of sites.
With your support, I'm able to make this site more popular!

If you care to help me, I'd really appreciate if you'd click on that little StumbleUpon badge in the top left corner of my blog. Alternatively, click here to follow me on StumbleUpon and rate a few of my posts up :)

Then, I also signed up on Reddit. If you'd upvote those links, I'd be really thankful for it!

You can also subscribe to my blog on YouSayToo. Click

That being said, here's the video I promised. I killed V31O, the cheater whom I talked about earlier around the corner using an EMP'd vehicle, comboing it to crush him on the wall.
Before you ask how I knew he was there, I cut out the part where I walked there. I saw him going around the corner and thought "Why not, let's try".

I look forward to reading your feedback =)

Monday, July 25, 2011


My computer gave up now. I'll have to give it to an expert to fix it. But even a week without my beloved PC is my demise. Well, it seems I have no other choice. Even if I was able to find out myself that my RAM is broken for sure, I'd still need new memory. So I rather leave this whole thing to a specialist.
In the meantime I'll try to post from another PC, maybe from my girlfriend's.
I'm currently working on a small minitage frag movie which I can only continue making when my PC is repaired :/
I have a little video which I can share with you in the next post. I sent it to someone where I can hopefully upload it from. So stay tuned!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Introducing the 3 Top Movie Creators of UT3 (besides me ;))

I thought it's time to feature the people who motivated me to create my own movies. Without them I probably wouldn't do this here ;)
So, let's begin with:


By far the best UT3 frag movie I have ever seen was created by this guy. Not only this guy has sick ingame skills but also owns everyone in movie editing.

He also has a lot of small clips. Worth checking!


He is the most sympathic one out of the three. I.e. the one I know best ;) He's a loyal follower of my youtube channel and leaves me the best comments =) Thank you for that.
One of his Fragmovies really got me. But I also love his Clanwar resumé videos. They are always really great to watch, they contain a lot of action, FOV changes and effects which make them really unique.

Check his youtube channel please. A lot to discover there:

VegasKill (aka VegaSkill) 

The video editor I knew first. He was the first one I discovered. Unfortunately, he doesn't play anymore but he is one of the major developers of Rypelcam which made all of the (decent) fragmovies possible. Without this tool, they wouldn't exist. So a big THANK YOU goes to you!

That was today's post, I hope you enjoyed those videos and share some love with the channels of those guys.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gaming Rig

My PC is now about 3 and a half years old (at least I think it is). My RAM seems to be broken because all of a sudden my PC decides to restart or shut down and it takes more than 3 tries to get it started and running again. I'm thinking about getting new components, my graphics card for example is not the best anymore and I have problems with current games. My specs:

Processor: Intel C2Q 6600 @2.4GHz
Graphics Card: EAH3870 Series
Mainboard: MSI G31 M2
Hard Drive: 500GB Samsung (don't know the exact model name)
Memory: 4GB RAM (also don't know which exactly)
Keyboard: Logitech G15
Mouse: Razer Copperhead
OS: Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit
Sound System: A badass Logitech THX

Now to my question: Any idea what to update first?

Monday, July 18, 2011

My girlfriend trying out UT =)

The title says it all... Isn't she adorable? =)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

UT3 Randomness (100 followers!)

 Yes! I did it! 100 followers! Thank you very much everyone who supports me with useful feedback and reads my blog on a regular basis (also thank you if you just read it once... but you probably won't read this ;)).

Okay, now to my post for today: 
Recently, I've managed to have some pretty random ingame scenes. So I thought, why not get the Demo, record and share them?


It all started with a random first blood I had once. Jumping from the spawn house and randomly shoting a rocket on the other side. Not all that spectacular, but pretty funny (except for the victim ;)).

But not enough with that, doing it again made me kill two people at the same time (with the same projectile, lol).

Here's a funny scene from my despised map Shoebox. I killed a vehicle with my Longbow and the wreck pancaked my primary targets at the same time (ultimately ending someone's killing spree. Sucks to be him).

A random teamkill I did on my teammate while he was trying to do a flagrun. Shot him out of the air like a clay pigeon with air rockets.

And as last scene I bring to you: my suicide fail. Shot a Longbow (which is made for vehicles, kind of a rocket launcher with lock-on for enemy vehicles), locked on a neutral vehicle by accident (simply walking towards it, crosshair was on it), got in and got killed by my own Bow....

Tell me what you think about those videos. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. =)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gaming Music

It is commonly known that music has a huge influence on your mood and concentration. Music helped Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence. When he could not figure out the right wording for a certain part, he would play his violin to help him. The music helped him get the words from his brain onto the paper. I know from experience that listening to a certain genre of music changes my gaming performance in niveau and style. 

First Person View

Rypelcam Version

Psytrance with heavy guitars as well as ambient sounds influence your gameplay the most. While with metal you play more aggressive and offensive, you play more defensive with epic soundscapes. From my experience I can tell I play with Incubus' album S.C.I.E.N.C.E. the best. 

What's your favorite music to listen to while gaming? Tell me in the comments, I'm curious ;)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Missing Anti-Cheat and the case of V31O

What has been bugging me is the fact that the amount of cheaters increased drastically over the past few weeks. There is a certain player named V31O, he used to be one of the best players, though his gameplay is/was kind of lame. All of a sudden he disappeared for a long time. Ca. 1 year later he magically appeared again with even lamer gameplay, not talking at all and highly suspicious actions. He almost doesn't miss (triggerbot/aimbot), knows where everyone is (radar/wallhack suspicious) and simply does not reply to any cheat accusations. He plays a few matches and then either crashes or leaves without saying a word. So I wrote a report on the forum, posted a demo and all the scenes that are suspicious to me in a txt file for everyone to check. Now, V31O has been quite popular before his sudden disappearance, majority didn't believe me although they agreed some scenes are curious.

So I decided to find me a radar and record scenes of the Demo and upload them to youtube:

Notice, how he exactly knows when someone's jumping up the pads and knows where flag carriers are
Still they didn't believe me :/

I have brought down cheaters before, who are now banned on all official and clan-servers, as well as on all the popular vCTF (vehicle Capture the Flag), and Warfare servers. Now, players have to manually take care of all of that because Epic simply didn't integrate any Anti-Cheat/Cheat Detection Software.

Oh Epic...

Monday, July 11, 2011

UT3 is dead

Unreal Tournament 3 is a dead game. I hate to say it but it's true. There are still servers up but they are empty most of the time. And whose fault is it? The mapper's together with noob's.
A game that has this much potential should not be treated this way. Some mappers create ugly box maps with a maximum amount of spam where the only thing you have to do is run forward, shot rockets and hope for the best. Noobs keep voting these maps because they are:
1. small in size and thus download friendly
2. made for spam, this means easy kills with no skill

(I was playing with my alter ego there, DonkeyKong is not my real player alias ;))

But UT3 is not Counter Strike. It's not a sit and shot, pointy-clicky game. You are able to use vehicles and people can use their hoverboards to grapple them. This allows fast-paced teamplay actions for nice and elegant flagruns.

(although the video is on my channel, I didn't make it, but I am the taxi driver)

This scene happened in a clanwar between two top clans: _Dark_ and Prototype. And even though I'm not in one of them, I played because of lack of players for _Dark_... As I said, the game is dead.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

...and so it begins!

Hello guys,
in this blog I'll let you follow my game career and post relevant news around Epic Games, mainly Unreal Tournament, include my very own Gameplay and scene videos and put in some random stuff that I think is interesting (and what might be interesting to you ;))

I hope you'll enjoy it!